Who we are

TSF CONSULTING provides Consultancy Services for the Engineering of Company and Industrial Management Systems.

Our activity is about:

    • GIM (Global Information Management)
    • Safety and Security
    • Smart Energy and Smart Grids
    • Building Management Systems
    • MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and EMI (Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence) Management
    • Maintenance Management and Engineering
    • Design and Diagnostics of Fieldbus and Industrial Networks Systems
    • Industrial and Process Automation

TSF CONSULTING supports System Integration qualified Companies during the design phase of each System, including the optional choice of software and/or hardware components necessary for each System.

Our 30 years “on-field” experience of activity for customers in Italy and abroad drives us to consider each customer as it really is: UNIQUE.

That means finding, for each customer, the best Solution fitting its needs.

Since many years we treasure our past experience into a continous team work in sinergy with our Partners and our clients, as we strongly believe in team work being a key tool for our customers’ success, and so also ours.

Our sinergy with our Partners allows us to “join our forces”, and to project our experience and our customers towards the future.

Because ideas drive us in our job, inspiring us in finding the solutions best fitting our customers’ needs.

All Solutions and Technologies we propose are the tools through which our customers’ ideas can turn into reality.

Our experience is the mean through which our customers’ ideas not only get realised, but can also evolve, adapting to continous changes.

But continuity is only one of our “secrets”.

All Solutions and Technologies we propose allow us to provide our customers with complete, open, flexible and continously updated Systems and Solutions.

Our mission is, obviously, our customers satisfaction.

A customers is satisfied when we arrive:

  • to create a relationship of not only simple service providing, but of real and effective “partnership”;
  • to provide it with an adequate technological and technical support;

A satisfied customers can change its Providers, but rarely changes its Partners.