PROFIBUS Fieldbus Technology

TSF CONSULTING is engaged, in cooperation with its Technological Partners, with PROFIBUS® Fieldbus Technology, worldwide supported in new features diffusion, updating and developing by PROFIBUS INTERNATIONAL.

Our activity is performed as usual, diffusing, by the Technology Advising and Systems Design, PROFIBUS® Fieldbus Technology through Technology Days and Show Conferences.

PROFIBUS® has been created in 1989 by a Companies and Institutions consortium, and it has become maybe the most diffused Fieldbus in Discrete Manufacturing and Process Control domains.

PROFIBUS® is today a mature and consolidated Technology, and ideal to support modern Automation Systems.

PROFIBUS® has an effective importance for worldwide production sites.

The constant engagement of the major Manufacturers of Products and Systems for Automation and Process ensures that all investiments will be protected during the natural life cycle of sites.

PROFIBUS® is unique, as it offers a completely integrated solution for discrete and process applications, that is considered a “major benefit” in Process Industry, in which all phases have to be perfectly synchronised.

PROFIBUS® is used in industrial domains such as Petrochemical, robotised plants, Food & Beverage, Water Treatement, …

PROFIBUS® can be integrated with solutions already present through standard protocols, such as OPC (OPen Communication).

Through communication Servers available from our Partners, it is possible to make data available to following Systems :

  • Alarm Management
  • Maintenance Engineering and Management
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Management
  • Energy Management

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