Global Informations Management Services

Business IntelligenceThe Global Information Management, often known as Business Intelligence, and today referred also as Real time Operational Intelligence (RtOI), is a domain that Companies can no more efford to neglect.

This means that different business units can no more remain isolated each other, but they have to integrate each other and share common informations in a transparent way for Users, to manage them in an effective way and so be able to transform business data in strategical assets on which to build all business decisions.

Business Intelligence procedures can be extended by integrating Solutions and/or Services also as, for example, Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence, Field Force Automation and Sales Force Automation, with the existing Solutions and/or Services and allowing technical and sales operators both inside the Company and “on the field” to deeply modify their interaction with their Company itself, guarantiing them a constant contact with company”s management and information systems, on-line in mobility or off-line coming back in their local offices.

Sharing strategical business informations with the personnel and the business units involved in business processes is the key allowing the Company to :

  • Business Intelligence 3Optimize the procedures of :
    • Internal Designing Management
    • Production Management
    • Warehouse Management
    • Supply Chain and Traceability Management
    • Maintenance Management and Operation
    • Business buildings Management
    • Events and alarms Management
    • Administration and Commercial Credit Management
  • Optimize the relationships with Customers and Providers

TSF CONSULTING is engaged, with its activities of Technology Advising and Systems Design, in diffusing Solutions and Technologies allowing a real Global Information Management.

During the year, we schedule Technology Days, during which we wish have the pleasure to meet you to examine your ideas and your needs.

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